Aug 04

The Caribbean private sector currently has access to a number of bilateral and multilateral trade agreements which have been signed by CARICOM as well as their individual Governments. Because of the diverse areas covered under each trade agreements, developing one comprehensive guide for a firm to follow would not be practical as any useful guide would vary by product/service, country, product make up, etc.

Caribbean Export is proposing to develop a series of practical guides that the region’s private sector can use to enhance their understanding of the workings of these agreements and how it can translate to real business opportunities in each target market. These guides are to be based on the needs of the private sector and are intended to be product and market specific.

The overall objective of this consultancy:

  1. The increase the knowledge and understanding of the CARIFORUM private sector firms on the opportunities available under the various trade agreements
  2. To increase the levels of trade of goods and services under these trade agreement

The main beneficiaries to this project are the 15 Member Countries of CARIFORUM. Specifically, the private sector firms within the Caribbean who are seeking to expand their exports using the opportunities available under the different trade agreements.

Interested persons are asked to view the full terms of reference here. Suitably qualified candidates are required to submit a project proposal (technical and financial) as well as a detailed CV via electronic copy to Damie Sinanan – Senior Advisor CEP at with a copy to

The deadline for the submission of proposals is 21st AUGUST 2015 at 4:30pm (Barbados time).

TOR – Consultancy: Trade Agreement Guides