Oct 20

Invitation to Tender – TEPA Work Programme: Business Development

The Trade Export Promotion Agency (TEPA) is mandated by the Government of Saint Lucia to spearhead the national effort to increase the aggregate volume and value of exports through advocacy, policy development and enterprise development assistance to exporters and potential exporters as part of its core functions.

Given the chequered experience of previous business development efforts, every attempt is being made to ensure that future enterprise development assistance is comprehensive, integrated, rigorous in application and employs new, pertinent modalities in the delivery of that assistance.

With this in mind TEPA is proposing the introduction of two counterpart initiatives as integral components of its Market Readiness Assessment programme namely the Domestic Star Programme (DSP) and Export Star Programmes (ESP).

In pursuit of this programme, the Trade Export Promotion Agency (TEPA) is seeking the services of a suitably qualified Consultant(s) to develop a market (domestic & export) assessment diagnostic tool, and a complementary database as the principal electronic platform of the business development programme.

Towards this end, you are hereby invited to submit a proposal containing a Technical and Financial Component, in separate envelopes, to undertake the assignment based on the requirements of the attached Terms of Reference (TOR). Your proposal should include the curriculum vitae/company profile of the proposed individual/team/company, the proposed duration of the assignment, the professional fees and the total cost of the assignment.

Mr. Anthony John is assigned the responsibility for coordinating implementation of this project and is available to respond to your request for clarification/questions, etc. He can be contacted at 468-2123 or via email: ajohn@tepa.org.lc.

Your proposal and accompanying documentation should be submitted to the following address:

Mrs. Jacqueline Emmanuel-Flood
Chief Executive Officer
Trade Export Promotion Agency (TEPA)
2nd Floor, Hewanorra House
Pointe Seraphine

Tel: 1(758) 468-2008 / 2123
Fax: 1(758) 452 4606

Email: vpeter@tepa.org.lc / ajohn@tepa.org.lc

The envelope containing your proposal should carry the following reference:


The deadline for the submission of your proposal at the foregoing/above address is no later than Friday, November 4th, 2016 at 4:00 p.m.

We look forward to receiving your submission.


Jacqueline Emmanuel – Flood (Mrs.)

Chief Executive Officer

Download Terms of Reference